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The Support Your Medical Staff Needs

Our work does not stop once we provide you with the medical staff you need. A Servant's Heart supports their employees with professional mentoring that benefits them and your facility. From stress management to motivational strategies, rely on us to help your staff maintain a positive outlook. We serve clients in North Carolina.

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Ongoing Professional Development

Health care providers often do not receive the mental, emotional, and physical support they need to be effective in their jobs. Because of this deficiency in the industry, we created our mentorship program. The goal of the program is to motivate our employees to be the best they can be by helping them derive meaning from their work, become better team players, and better communicators.

Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program is a requirement for all of the health care professionals we staff. We believe that each member of our medical staff should have the drive to want to be a better professional. This is why we link our philosophy with the program to yield improved quality of care. Quality outcomes will be better because of the support given to employees as well. The program's areas of focus include:

• Emotional Development
• Coping Strategies
• Stress Reduction

• Increasing & Improving
Customer Service
• Improved Communication Skills

A Joint Effort

Mentors do not have to be nurses or related medical professionals. Their responsibilities include having a required 1-on-1 monthly mentoring session with their mentee and both parties must participate in group sessions. To monitor and evaluate employees' job performance, mentors will conduct on-site visits to the facility. They will also collect the client's satisfaction survey.